Today, governments are increasingly taking action by establishing regulations that require companies to disclose information on their approaches to eradicating forced labor from their supply chains, including the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (SB 657), and the more recent UK Modern Slavery Act. Many companies are acting in response to and anticipation of government requirements, adopting policies and programs to mitigate the risk of forced labor in their supply chains. Yet little is known about which companies are leading the way in forced labor policy and practice and where further efforts need to be made.

This report presents the outcome of a pilot benchmark conducted in 2015. It examined the transparency and disclosure statements of a small subset of companies with regards to human trafficking and forced labor.

Dispatched: Mapping overseas forced labor in North Korea’s proliferation finance system
Publications 02 August 2018

By C4ADS Executive Summary North Korean overseas forced labor is both a proliferation finance and a human rights issue. The Kim regime sends citizens to work abroad under heavy surveillance, confiscates their wages, and uses the funds to support a...Read More

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Agents for change. How public procurers can influence labour conditions in global supply chains. Case studies from Brazil, Pakistan and Thailand
Publications 15 November 2016

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2018 UK Annual Report on Modern Slavery
Publications 12 October 2018

This Annual Report focuses on the steps the UK Government, the Scottish Government and the Northern Ireland Executive have taken in 2018 to combat modern slavery, including human trafficking.

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Taking Stock: Labor Exploitation, Illegal Fishing and Brand Responsibility in the Seafood Industry
Publications 11 May 2018

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