In line with the OSCE Action Plan to Combat Trafficking in Human Beings, the SR is mandated to address trafficking in human beings for the purpose of organ removal. The SR initiated the research project in 2011, supported by the Strategic Police Matters Unit (SPMU), to conduct a comprehensive overview of the current situation and a deeper qualitative analysis of this form of human trafficking within the OSCE region. The project aimed to identify vulnerable groups and the modus operandi of criminal organizations, to identify gaps in national legislation, as well as to disclose obstacles preventing efficient investigation and prosecution of this crime. This 6th Occasional Paper in the Occasional Paper Series of the OSCE OSR/CTHB has restricted its focus to the trafficking of human beings for the purpose of organ removal in the OSCE region. It has, therefore, largely excluded analysis of cases involving the illegal sale and purchase of organs, tissues and cells (OTC) that do not involve the trafficking of a human being. The research for this study, based primarily on desk research and analysis, identified cases of human trafficking for organ removal in the OSCE region, some of which have not previously been identified, collated and analysed.

Human trafficking for labour exploitation: the results of a two-phase systematic review mapping the European evidence base and synthesising key scientific research evidence
Publications 06 April 2018

Abstract Objectives The article objectives were (1) to systematically map the contours of the European evidence base on labour trafficking, identifying its key characteristics, coverage, gaps, strengths and weaknesses and (2) to synthesise key scie...Read More

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Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery – 2018 Report
Publications 01 February 2018

In September 2017, The Evening Standard and The Independent, in partnership with the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, launched a three-month special investigation into the issue of modern slavery. The special investigation, which was personally...Read More

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2017 Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor
Publications 20 September 2018

The Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor, mandated by the Trade and Development Act of 2000, is the most comprehensive research product on the state of child labor worldwide. This year, the report uses more stringent criteria to assess the effo...Read More

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Risky Business: Tackling Exploitation in the UK Labour Market
Publications 19 October 2017

This report sets out Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX)'s action plan for a UK response to exploitation in the labour market. It starts by identifying the picture of risk to individuals of exploitation in the UK labour market, then presents solution...Read More

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