The following Code is the product of a multi-stakeholder deliberation that included recruiters, employers, and unions. The authors of this Code have divergent and sometimes opposing opinions and interests regarding international recruitment of teachers, but have worked together to arrive at mutually agreed upon minimum standards and best practices for these activities.

Underpinning this Code is an acknowledgement that individuals have a right to migrate in pursuit of improved working conditions and expanded professional opportunities. To the extent that the migration of teachers is facilitated by active international recruitment, this Code seeks to maximize the benefits and minimize potential harm for all parties involved in, or affected by, the international recruitment process.

While this Code addresses the obligations of parties involved in recruiting teachers to the United States, it also acknowledges that such recruitment can and often does have an impact on the countries from which teachers are recruited. Signatories to this Code commit to taking all possible measures to minimize disruptions to the delivery of education services in sending countries, as well as to supporting the quality of teaching and learning in all affected education systems through the exchange of best practices.

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