Image: Training meeting in an ecodesign stainless steel company in Brazil by Alex Rio Brazil, posted on Wikimedia Commons, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

First Year of FTSE 100 Reports under the UK Modern Slavery Act: Towards Elimination?
01 December 2017

The International Labour Organization estimates that illicit profits from modern slavery reach $150 billion a year. In 2016, 16 million people were victims of forced labour in the private economy. Companies are exposed to modern slavery risks through their own...

General Human Trafficking Indicator Cards
06 October 2017

Human Trafficking Assessment Tool for Airlines & Airports
02 October 2017

This toolkit gives instructions on how to assess human trafficking in airports and on flights.

Basic Human Trafficking Brochure
02 October 2017

This brochure contains a list of warning signs for victims of trafficking and suggested steps to take for the flight staff in order to help the victim.

FTSE 100: At the Starting Line – An analysis of company statements under the UK Modern Slavery Act
10 October 2016

Analysis shows only a handful of company statements are meeting the Act’s requirements, majority lack adequate information. The FTSE 100 companies who have reported under the Modern Slavery Act so far were scored by the Business & Human Rights Resource...

The Ever-Changing Compliance Landscape: What is the Next Wave?
20 April 2016

In today’s global economy, multinational companies face a complex and ever-evolving legal environment. Compliance functions must continually adapt to address these challenges and be in front of the next wave of enforcement actions around the globe. This article explores the...

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