Due Diligence

Is your Supply Chain Slave Proof? Modern Slavery and Illegal Trafficking – Global Mandatory Reporting and Due Diligence Requirements in the Supply Chain
18 April 2018

by Joanne O’Donnell In today’s global economy, multinationals face an increasingly complex and evolving legal environment, requiring their compliance functions to constantly adapt. As tackling modern slavery and illegal trafficking is fast becoming a high priority across the world, the...

First Year of FTSE 100 Reports under the UK Modern Slavery Act: Towards Elimination?
01 December 2017

The International Labour Organization estimates that illicit profits from modern slavery reach $150 billion a year. In 2016, 16 million people were victims of forced labour in the private economy. Companies are exposed to modern slavery risks through their own...

The Myanmar Dilemma: Can the garment industry deliver decent jobs for workers in Myanmar?
06 October 2017

The authors aim to contribute to discussions about whether, and how, the ever-growing Western demand for cheap garments can help to create better employment and labour conditions in Myanmar. The research also looks at the efforts of multi-stakeholder initiatives –...

Modern Slavery in Company Operation and Supply Chains: Mandatory transparency, mandatory due diligence and public procurement due diligence
13 September 2017

Modern slavery is everywhere, but cleaning it up is possible. Due diligence and transparency is the key to ending modern slavery in supply chains. The report gives an insight into the growing body of law and practice from international standards...

Modern Slavery in Company Operation and Supply Chains
01 September 2017

This paper sets out what leading governments are already doing to insist global business does more to eradicate modern slavery. It draws from this experience to set out how these uncoordinated actions could become a robust, and harmonised international standard...

Corporate Compliance with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act: Anti-Slavery Perfomance in 2016
07 March 2017

For the calendar year 2016 1,961 companies, which do business in California and are subject to the CA-TISCA, have been evaluated according to their report on their relevant anti-slavering measures or absence thereof.

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