The report looks at Canada’s connection to the issues of human trafficking and forced and child labour, by cross-referencing recent data on Canadian imports with the U.S. Department of Labour’s List of Goods Produced by Child Labour or Forced Labuor. It tracks the supply chains of large Canadian companies and industries to identify potential links to the “risky products” that may be reaching stores in Canada.

As part of the research, authors tried to answer to several fundamental questions:
• What are Canadian companies doing to reduce the chances that children are toiling in
fields, factories, and fishing boats to produce their goods?
• How do companies know their efforts to prevent child and forced labour are working?
• What happens when they uncover problems in their supply chains?
• How are they sharing this information with consumers and investors?

Supply Chain Risk Report: Child and forced labour in Canadian consumer products - World Vision Canada, 2016 DOWNLOAD















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