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Middle East

A Wall of Silence: The Construction Sector’s Response to Migrant Rights in Qatar and the UAE
05 December 2016

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre has quizzed 100 construction companies operating in Qatar and the UAE on the measures they are taking to stop exploitation of migrant workers. Only 22 responded, indicating a shocking level of inaction. Despite increasing...

Harnessing the Power of Business to end Modern Slavery
30 November 2016

In this report, case studies highlight how widespread modern slavery is today and its relevance to businesses. Examples include the widely reported abuses in the textiles and garments sector in Brazil, the investigative journalists undercovering horrific abuses in the Thai...

Hiring, Human Trafficking & Modern-Day Slavery in the Global Economy
08 October 2017

This report begins by offering key findings from recent Verité research on the intersection of brokers, migrant workers and slavery. This research was performed in a variety of sectors and locales across the globe, including: the migration of adults from...

Making Workers Pay. Recruitment of the Migrant Labor Force in the Gulf Construction Industry
06 October 2017

This report gives an insight into the link between corporate practices in the Arabian Gulf’s engineering and construction sector and the recruitment – in South Asian countries like India and Bangladesh – of many of the migrant workers who staff the industry’s projects.

Employer-Migrant Worker Relationships in the Middle East: Exploring scope for internal labour market mobility and fair migration
30 September 2017

The unique aspects of sponsorship systems in the Middle East, commonly known as kafala, result in a delegation of responsibility by the State to the private employer to oversee both a migrant worker’s immigration and employment status. This is inherently...

Ways forward in recruitment of low-skilled migrant workers in the Asia-Arab States corridor
27 September 2017

Low-skilled migrant workers in sectors such as construction, agriculture and services (including domestic work) in the Arab States are especially prone to abuse by recruitment agencies, as well as placement agencies, employers and manpower outsourcing agencies. This report gives an...

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