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Latin America and the Caribbean

Irregular Migrants, Refugees or Trafficked Persons?
29 October 2018

International migration has become a ‘mega trend’ of our times, with more than 260 million migrants living outside their country of origin in 2017. Some move in search of better livelihood opportunities, others flee conflict, environmental degradation or natural disasters,...

Compendium of relevant reference materials and resources on ethical sourcing and prevention of trafficking in human beings for labour exploitation in supply chains
22 March 2018

The objective of the Compendium of Resources is to take stock of the existing legislation, policies, guidelines, recommendations, reports, studies, and other types of initiatives developed to better understand and respond to the global problem of trafficking in human beings...

Agents for change. How public procurers can influence labour conditions in global supply chains. Case studies from Brazil, Pakistan and Thailand
15 November 2016

The report focuses on the social aspects of supply chains and examines how contracting authorities in the EU can use social criteria to improve labour conditions in countries where poor labour standards are rife. The report draws on experiences and...

Green Carbon Black Trade
27 September 2012

The vast majority of deforestation and illegal logging takes place in the tropical forests of the Amazon basin, Central Africa and Southeast Asia. Recent studies into the extent of illegal log- ging estimate that illegal logging accounts for 50–90 per...

The National Pact To Eradicate Slave Labor
19 May 2005

The National Pact was established in 2005 by the UN’s International Labor Organization and three Brazilian non-profits: Instituto Ethos, a forum for corporate social responsibility in Brazil, the human rights organization Observatorio Social and the journalist collective Repórter Brasil. The...

Labor and Human Rights Risk Analysis of Ecuador’s Palm Oil Sector
01 May 2016

Executive Summary Ecuador’s production of palm oil has grown dramatically in recent years, making it Latin America’s largest producer. This expansion has heightened labor and human rights risks linked to palm production. Such risks include forced labor, unethical recruitment and...

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