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According to Anti-slavery International 11.7 million people are in slavery in the Asia-Pacific region, most of them are exposed to debt bondage. The ILO estimates that at least three in every 1000 people in Asia-Pacific are trapped in modern slavery. Domestic work, agriculture, construction, manufacturing and entertainment are among the sectors where forced labour is most often found in the Asia-Pacific region.

Seabound: The Journey to Modern Slavery on the High Seas
09 December 2019

For several years now, international media has shone a spotlight on the inhumane working conditions of migrant fishers from Southeast Asia. The vessels they work on reportedly use destructive, illegal, and unreported methods, which take a heavy toll on the...

Tracking Progress: Assessing Business Responses to Forced Labour and Human Trafficking in the Thai Seafood Industry
03 December 2019

Thailand is the fourth-largest exporter of seafood globally. For over a decade, labour abuse, particularly of migrant workers from Myanmar, Cambodia, and Lao PDR, has been widely documented within the Thai seafood industry. Media exposés linking forced labour and trafficking...

Rapid Assessment on Child Domestic Work in Myanmar
01 December 2019

The report gives an overview of the situation of children workers in Myanmar in the domestic work sector.

The Philippine Sex Workers Collective: Struggling to be Heard, not Saved
29 October 2019

The Philippine Sex Workers Collective is an organisation of current and former sex workers who reject the criminalisation of sex work and the dominant portrayal of sex workers as victims. Based on interviews with leaders of the Collective and fifty other...

Addressing the Human Cost of Assam Tea: An Agenda for Change to Respect, Protect and Fulfill Human Rights on Assam Tea Plantations
10 October 2019

Workers on tea plantations in the Assam region of India are systematically denied their rights to a living wage and decent working and living conditions. The fact that they are unable to meet their basic living costs is starkly illustrated...

Unlocking What Works: How Community-Based Interventions are Ending Bonded Labour in India
22 September 2019

New findings from external evaluations of the Freedom Fund’s hotspot programs by leading research organisations have validated our model of working with vulnerable communities. The headline findings from these evaluations are: Between 2015 and 2018, the prevalence of households in bonded...

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