Domestic Work/ Servitude

The domestic service industry is a sector largely composed of female and child migrant workers. Trafficked domestic workers may find themselves in exploitative working conditions where their passports are being taken away from them and they are left with very little movement. Threatened with deportation they are being forced to work long hours for little or no payment at all.

Image: Haitian Domestic Work by Alex Proimos, posted on flickr, licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Irregular Migrants, Refugees or Trafficked Persons?
29 October 2018

International migration has become a ‘mega trend’ of our times, with more than 260 million migrants living outside their country of origin in 2017. Some move in search of better livelihood opportunities, others flee conflict, environmental degradation or natural disasters,...

Hiring, Human Trafficking & Modern-Day Slavery in the Global Economy
08 October 2017

This report begins by offering key findings from recent Verité research on the intersection of brokers, migrant workers and slavery. This research was performed in a variety of sectors and locales across the globe, including: the migration of adults from...

Engaging the Private Sector to End Human Trafficking. A Resource Guide For NGO’s
01 October 2017

This guide aims to provide NGOs working on trafficking and forced labour, with knowledge and tools to engage the private sector in their work. Different vulnerable sectors and the role that corporations could potentially play in contributing to and preventing...

Ways forward in recruitment of low-skilled migrant workers in the Asia-Arab States corridor
27 September 2017

Low-skilled migrant workers in sectors such as construction, agriculture and services (including domestic work) in the Arab States are especially prone to abuse by recruitment agencies, as well as placement agencies, employers and manpower outsourcing agencies. This report gives an...

Human Trafficking And Forced Labour – Case studies and responses from Portugal
22 September 2017

Human Trafficking And Forced Labour – Case studies and responses from Portugal The objective of the book is to study the phenomena of labour exploitation and forced labour to which immigrants and, in particular, victims of human trafficking, are subjected...

Unprotected Work, Invisible Exploitation: Trafficking for the Purpose of Domestic Servitude
28 February 2011

This Occasional Paper, focusing on labour trafficking in domestic work, is meant to provide a policy tool for decision makers and practitioners dealing with trafficking in human beings on the ground and is based on desk research, fieldwork and case...

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