This is the third annual report by the Fair Food Standards Council on the state of the Fair Food Program. It includes an assessment of the Program’s first four years of implementation in the Florida tomato industry as well as the inaugural season of Program expansion to Florida-based growers’ tomato operations in Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey. The reporting period begins on September 1, 2014 and runs through October 14, 2015. This report contains many important updates to last year’s report, while also providing key contextual information on the origins, objectives and structure of the Program.

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Health Hazards, Child Labour and Data Protection Breaches on Palm Oil Plantations
Publications 04 December 2018

The report identifies numerous potential liabilities for palm oil buyers and investors to consider when making investments in this sector to avoid facilitation and profit generation from labour abuses and failure to take action to address these issue...Read More

US Supermarket Supply Chains: End the Human Suffering Behind our Food
Publications 20 June 2018

Inequality is rampant across the global economy, and the agro-food sector is no exception. At the top, big supermarkets and other corporate food giants dominate global food markets, allowing them to squeeze value from vast supply chains that span the...Read More

Legal gap analysis of anti-trafficking legislation in Vietnam
Publications 31 May 2018

By: Liberty Asia & Blue Dragon Children's Foundation The Vietnamese government has made significant progress to reinforce the current legal system on combating trafficking, particularly in regulating and criminalising trafficking in the Penal Co...Read More

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Using Blockchain To Combat Modern Slavery
Publications 15 April 2018

Blockchain first entered public awareness as the technology underpinning the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Whilst the longevity of Bitcoin remains uncertain, and governments and financial institutions alike are cautious in their acceptance of cryptocurrenc...Read More